I always use Pyrex glass containers to store my food in. These things are mini-miracle workers. They are stackable (which saves room in the fridge), you can easily see what’s in them, freezer, oven and microwave safe. You can even eat right out of them!

Glass is highly superior to plastic containers for several reasons. Plastic can leach food odor and chemicals into your food. Glass is non-porous and doesn’t absorb germs like plastic does. Food stores longer in glass. And, unlike plastic, you can wash glass at high temperatures. Glass is much better for the environment because they are sturdy. A one time purchase and these things will last forever.

To get the most from your investment in glass storage containers, look for:
Glass containers with tight-fitting lids made of glass, rubber or non-toxic plastic. Try to find flat lids without knobs for easier stacking.
Oven-proof, freezer-safe tempered glass so you can move food from freezer to stove—or oven to fridge—without danger of cracked or broken glass.
Square or rectangular shapes that allow containers to stack easily, pack close together and take up less space in fridge.

And in case you’re wondering what’s in the containers in the picture, this is my own meal prep for the week. Yes, I cook for my family just like I cook for my clients. This is how I leave food for my personal chef clients, with easy to heat instructions. Do you wish it was easier to eat better? Would you like to learn more about my personal chef services? Follow the link  HERE  to schedule a free phone consultation.